Can anyone spare a tenor (or a bass)?

The Callington Singers are lucky enough to have a genuine Welsh tenor in the form of Mr. David Bell of Calstock. Dave is a much valued member of the choir and is always the source of jollity at rehearsal and in the pub afterwards.

Dave is very fond of jokes in general and of this one in particular:

Evan Evans is on his deathbed, his lifelong friend and fellow tenor Thomas Thomas sits at this side. Thomas asks Evan what he thinks heaven will be like when he gets there and Evan reflects for a moment and then describes the scene…

‘I imagine a congregation of angelic host… 3000 sopranos, 3000 contraltos, 3000 basses and in the tenor section, just me. We all join in a rendition of Bread of Heaven and the sound is truly magnificent, I sing my heart out.

St. Michael is conducting and when we are done, he says “That was very lovely but a little less tenor if you wouldn’t mind Mr. Evans.’

Unfortunately, this joke may be about to take on a real life implication for our Dave…

The Callington Singers are returning to rehearsals after nearly 18 months of silence thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. The first rehearsal since lockdown in March 2020 is due to happen on September 2nd at 7:30pm in Gunnislake Church Hall.

The aim is to start where we left off by rehearsing the Vivaldi Magnificat, which was due to be performed just as the first lockdown took place. It is fair to say that everyone is very keen to get back to singing together, as it is one of the things which just has not been possible during the pandemic and everyone is missing the camaraderie and sense of wellbeing which can only come from singing in a choir.

In the period since we were last able to rehearse together, the choir has lost some members but has also received several requests to join from potential new members. This is brilliant and everyone is very welcome, whichever voice part they sing. However, all our applicants are women and so we now have potentially only three tenors, three basses and thirty each of sopranos and altos.

Now, I can personally attest to the fact that Dave can sound like ten people. In 2014, during a remembrance service at Truro Cathedral, I glanced across the quire and he was singing Bread of Heaven with such Con Belto that I was afraid he might hurt himself!

Mick the bass (below) is also capable of making up for lack of numbers and is well known for making the altos jump in the choruses.

This notwithstanding, I think the boys may feel a little bit outnumbered!

Mick and Duncan (basses) could also use your help!

So, if you are you a tenor or a bass, or know one who can help, please join us and give our boys a hand.

We hope to get back to this sort of situation very soon…

The Callington Singers rehearse on Thursday evenings between 7:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. in Callington Primary School (or Gunnislake Church Hall if the school is unavailable). There are no auditions and musical literacy is not required because we believe that the opportunity to create music should be open to everyone. ALl music is provided and all subscriptions have been waived until January 2022, so it is completely free.

If you are interested in joining us, please either use the contact form on this website, or message our Facebook page.

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