Gentleman’s Uniform:

The criteria for the men’s uniform is as follows:

  • Black suit or tuxedo
  • White shirt
  • Black shoes and socks
  • Black bow tie for concerts, red tie for services.
  • Folder and red tie are provided by choir.

Ladies Uniform:

The ladies uniform is necessarily a bit more complicated and has been arrived at by a lengthy democratic process. The overall aim is to look professional and elegant.

The criteria for the ladies uniform is intended to allow for each individual to find an outfit which suits them and makes them feel comfortable (maybe even a little bit glamorous), whilst ensuring that everyone looks alike.

If you are unsure whether an item of your uniform is suitable (especially if you are considering making a purchase) please ask Ren Jackaman as she can offer advice and potential solutions to sartorial problems.

Ren also holds a stock of spare ladies uniform items are available in most sizes and styles. They have been sourced from Charity Shops can be bought or borrowed, nothing costs more than £10


  • All items must be black in colour.
  • A floor or shoe length black evening gown (the hem must completely conceal the ankle bone). A separate skirt and top is not suitable.
  • Arms must be covered to at least three quarter length by either sleeves of the dress or by sleeves of a black bolero, cropped jacket (no longer than waist length), shrug or similar item with sleeves (please note that a pashmina is not a suitable substitute).
  • Suit jackets and long cardigans are not appropriate (a longer evening top may be permissible on individual application and subject to approval by the committee, please ask if in doubt).
  • Very low cut dresses are not appropriate.
  • A minimal amount of decoration on gown (such as black sequins) is permissible.
  • Dresses can have slits in rear or side but nothing too exposed.
  • Please wear black hosiery and black shoes. If you have a slit in your dress, please do not wear pop socks or knee highs.
  • You are welcome to wear jewellery of your choice.
  • A choir rosette is to be worn on the right hand side.
  • Rosette and folder are provided by the choir (please note there is a charge of £3.50 to replace lost rosettes). Both of these can be obtained from Mandy Raphael.

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