Krows Cornwhylen
Rag gwrythyow ilowek a syns ynna elven gryjyk.
Cornwhylen Cross
For musical performances which include a religious element



Article from The Cornish Guardian: September 14, 2011

CALLINGTON Singers were honoured to receive an award at the annual Open Gorsedh.

The group received the Cornwhylen Cross for musical performances which include a religious element.

The citation said: “From their inaugural meeting in St Mary’s Church, Callington, in 1983, the singers have become well known beyond the south east, venturing over the Tamar, the Irish Sea and the Channel, singing in the world’s most famous cathedrals.

“The choir has enhanced Cornwall’s status as a Celtic nation with music in its heart.”

Member Renee Jackaman said the Callington Singers had performed in many of Europe’s most prestigious venues, including Notre Dame and La Madeleine in Paris; St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome; Berlin Cathedral, Salzburg and Vienna Cathedrals; Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral in London; and St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

In 2012 they will be performing in Vienna and in Budapest and welcome new members.


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