Overseas and UK Trips


The Callington Singers usually spend a week abroad every other year. The traditional time to do so is the Spring Bank Holiday week at the end of May. Generally, but not always, we visit more than one city during the week and sing in at least one venue in each.

There may also be occasional trips to sing in anniversary concerts for our friends in European Choirs such as Chorale Chanterelle in Brittany, Bindslev Choir in Denmark or the Kantorei Barsbüttel in Germany.

We also travel to cathedrals in the UK, usually at least once a year to perform in services. This most often happens in August, but can also be at other times of the year. Depending upon where we are going, we may make our own way to the destination, or travel on a hired coach. If an overnight stay is required, this will generally be organised for you by the Choir.


The aim of all choir trips is to be self-financing. The fee charged for each choir member covers all accommodation and travel, although depending upon location factors, you may be asked to make your own way to an airport or cathedral. The fee does not cover meals and other sundry expenses, you will be expected to fund these yourself.

The fee also covers the Musical Director and Accompanist accommodation and travel and any costs associated with venues. These costs are shared equally by all trip participants and are incorporated into the fee for the trip. The fee paid to the accompanist for playing in concerts comes from choir funds, as this was factored into his honorarium when we hired him.

Each choir member who goes on a trip will be charged the same fee (please note that there are variations in the price of accommodation if you are sharing or staying in a room by yourself, the latter being more expensive).

The costs of trips are kept as low as possible. Costs have increased over the last few years, mainly due to the economic crisis. The cost depends a great deal on the numbers travelling and is determined well in advance. As a general rule, the more people who go on a trip, the lower the price for each person.

It is very strongly recommended that participants in the trip do not make their own travel arrangements for journeys which are being organised by the choir, as this will dramatically increase the cost for everyone else on the trip, thereby potentially undermining the viability of the trip for other people.

If, for any reason, unexpected costs are incurred, then a surcharge may be payable and equally, a refund is made if costs were overestimated. This is a rare occurrence as trips are worked out in great detail. Accounts of all monies spent will be provided once the trip has been finalised.

Before you sign up to go on a trip, you must provide details of a valid passport and travel insurance policy. You will also be asked to fill out a form which ensures that the following criteria will be met by you should you need to cancel your place on the trip.


  • They must tell Musical Director/Treasurer/Chairman immediately and should only inform the insurance company but not make a claim until the exact sum of expenses has been calculated.
  • All monies not yet committed to booking flights/accommodation etc. should be refunded. NB: If monies have been committed, the choir is not able to reclaim these so they cannot be refunded.
  • If funds have been committed at the time of withdrawal, there are two options:

A) either the person withdrawing or the choir should find someone to take their place, in which case the person taking the place pays their money directly to the person withdrawing and the person withdrawing pays all costs incurred in changing the booking


B) if no replacement can be found, then monies have been committed and the person withdrawing can claim on their insurance. N.B. In this circumstance the person withdrawing from the trip is liable for any share in monies committed (for travel, accommodation, venue hire etc.) which they have not yet paid. It is vital to factor this into any insurance claim, so no claim should be submitted until an accurate account of monies owed has been established.

These measures are in place to ensure that the trip can go ahead without any of the remaining singers having to pay an increased fee, thereby threatening the viability of the trip for everyone else. By signing the form, you are expected to respect these conditions in the event of cancellation.

There are arrangements in place for anyone who wishes to save up to go on the trip to pay a regular amount of your choice by standing order into the Trip Account. The Treasurer can help you organise this, please use the contact form on this site.

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